Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Sorry Emily

Well I thought I would post this because if I read about someone else's numptiness it's sort of nice to know I'm not alone.  Perhaps other people will be comforted by the knowledge that there's someone out there doing it worse than they are.  It's me.

I took a day off my other job to go to the Simply Staffordshire member's coffee morning today, organised by lovely Emily Whitehead; a young woman of such graceful efficiency that numpty probably isn't even in her dictionary.  There was going to be a talk by a lady from Katherine House Hospice about how small businesses can support local charities, which I wanted to hear (I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to give me a quick catch up).

I think it's fair to say it didn't go entirely to plan.  I got a bit lost and couldn't find the venue, principally because Granville's Brasserie is in Stone and I was driving in circles round the one way system in Stafford.

As I changed course (time's ticking on now, mind you) the car started wailing warning lights at me when I accelerated, or braked, went down-slope or turned leftwards.  I drove on trying to use only right-hand curves and then went round in circles a bit in Stone for good measure.

By this time I was beyond desperate for the loo and I figured the walk from the car park might be a step too far, so I found a pub on the outskirts and dashed in. Having narrowly avoided flooding the car, or their car park, I left the pub (much relieved) and turned towards Barlaston. For those of you that know the area - no, I don't know why either; it is in the opposite direction. What can I say, I don't know my way round the area all that well. Clearly.

You know. There's being early, there's on time, a few minutes late, there's really-quite-late-and-I-missed-the-coffee-but-made-it-for-the-talk, and then there's just plain laughably, rudely late. So I'm afraid I threw in the towel. Bought a fruit cake, listened to the car squeal all the way home and put the kettle on.

So, sorry Emily.... thank you for all your hard work but I'll look forward to seeing everyone another time.. :D


  1. Love your honesty & you've made me giggle as I've definitely done something in the past! I didn't make it today either but due to an appointment rather than my inner pigeon not working... See you soon x

  2. oh no..... but to make you feel a little better I once had Dave book a day off to take me a hospital appt and because it was snowing I called to see if the surgery was still on only to be told the appt was the following day! I then had to rearrange appt whilst everyone from the hospital receptionist to my colleagues laughed loudly and grovel to my boss to see if I could have a day off to spend with Dave.... THEN to top it off I went to a docs appt that evening a whole day early too! You couldn't make this stuff up!
    Sally xxx