Little who?

Susan at the Little Brown Dog Workshop makes peg dolls and folk art inspired by nature, pattern and the absurdity of life. With a style influenced by Scandinavian and primitive folk art, you might find garlands of wooden hearts and fabric, rag wreaths, stitched book covers and hand made decorations as well as very small people. Almost everything has fabric and wood and handpainting or drawing in it somewhere.

A love of children's illustration, micro nature, and the inability to lose a child-like hope that communities of tiny creatures might exist in the undergrowth mean that peg dolls have a special charm. The workshop uses a range, from chunky, American style people pegs, to etiolated dolly pegs with teeny, tiny heads and craft pegs with modern bead heads.

The range of peg dolls now includes supplies, kits and painted seasonal decorations through to ready-made one-of-a-kind dolls, and custom dolls for special occasions. There are peg decorating workshops (soon there will even be a dedicated studio space) and peg-doll parties that come to you if you are in the North Staffordshire area.

The workshop was originally named in honour of the little brown and black dog we had when we were children. Today's little brown dog is an old lady, but she likes the garden, walks and dozing in her basket. Her feet spread out like a frog when she walks over a wooden bridge. She thinks that dog chews should be issued hourly and that the cat is in charge of the universe. 

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